Is Your Service Department in the Right Hands?

First of a two-part series on how to determine if you have the right service manager in your dealership. SHOULD YOU TRUST JUST ANYONE WITH MANAGING THE HIGHEST POTENTIAL PROFIT MARGIN IN YOUR DEALERSHIP?

Never Stop Learning About Your Business Management System

At GIE Expo this year, I was on a panel facilitated by Sara Hey from Bob Clements International, with two other business systems in a session called “Looking to the Future – Business Management Software Panel.”  While talking with two competitors on the panel, it became clear that we all have the same issue –… Read more »

Important Industry Trend to Watch

According to a recently published global survey, machine learning (like autonomous driving) and telematics will more than likely overtake the industry as a leader of innovation in years to come. 81% of respondents are already using (or plan to use) these technologies. Are you one of them? Here’s what you need to know.

Are Your Online Communications Secure?

Most of us make use of the internet dozens of times a day.  Whether we’re checking a bank balance, shopping for an item, looking for directions, or just trying to find a movie to catch that evening, the internet is everywhere in our lives.  As the internet has grown to cover most facets of our… Read more »

How Advanced Analytics Can Drive Equipment Dealership Performance

One of the key changes within our industry is the use of advanced analytics to drive equipment dealership performance. Equipment dealers and partners who embrace these changes sooner than later will reap the many benefits provided by these new technologies. The most impactful and disruptive experiences we’re now seeing include the integration of IoT and… Read more »

How to Set Up a Seamless Dealer Principal Succession Process

In a recent study published by, it would appear that more and more dealer-principals are retiring in the next 5 years. This figure aligns with data that suggests 75% of people holding this job title age 51 and over. If you fall into either or both of these groups, you’ll need to begin planning for… Read more »

Top 8 Tips for Your Biggest Service Department Issues

Running a service department is simple. But running an excellent one is a real challenge. The payoff of upgrading your service department is huge. From skyrocketing repeat sales to securing fully accounted for invoices, launching an effective service department strategy offer dealers a lot more than they might have originally thought.