How Switching to Cloud Protects ATS Outdoors from Dangerous Ransomware

When your business grows, so do your security risks. ATS Outdoors is an outdoor power equipment dealership based in Weatherford, TX. They opened their second location in Springtown in 2013. It was around that time that they started using Ideal to make managing inventory, work orders, and other important processes. But they didn’t decide to… Read more »

10 Ways to Streamline Your Sales Communications Using Text Messaging

Would you like to have a 98% open rate on your marketing messages? With text messaging, you can. While many businesses are leveraging text messaging to reinforce customer relationships and pull in more leads, it’s still a largely untapped resource in the dealership industry. But by not using text messaging, you could be missing out… Read more »

How Golf Car Distributors Can Benefit From a Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO is – by far – the most impactful digital SEO strategy for golf car distributors and dealerships. Any business that relies on the sale and delivery of vehicles or heavy equipment does its best business close by.   However, it takes different distributor/dealer SEO best practices to maximize local search results than it does… Read more »

What Kind of Business Management Tool Do Dealer Principals Need?

Dealer principals have a unique role in their company. Not only do they have to oversee just about every department in a dealership, but they also have to make sure those departments are operating at peak efficiency. For a dealer principal to really help their company grow, they’re going to need the right kind of… Read more »

What to Look for in a Golf and Turf Distributor Management System

Golf distributors have a lot of responsibilities and tasks to keep track of. They’ve got sales to make, rentals to keep tabs on, equipment to maintain, work orders to manage, schedules to stick to and so much more. And as a dealer principal, it’s primarily your job to make sure that all of these many… Read more »

4 Ways ASPEN is the Equipment Dealer Software You Need to Grow Your Business

Fear of the unknown is a basic human instinct – and there’s plenty of potential for blind spots in a growing business. Whatever equipment dealer software you choose should help relieve that fear.   That’s exactly what ASPEN has done for Craig Houseknecht, VP of Operations for MTE Turf Equipment Solutions. He says, “With three locations,… Read more »

Avoid These 3 Golf Car Inventory Management Mistakes with ASPEN’s Integrated CRM

Proper golf inventory management takes a careful balance of looking ahead, looking back, identifying patterns and allocating warehouse space. Missteps are easy to make unless you have access to robust – and easily accessible – insights driven by real business data. As such, your golf car inventory management software should provide: Smart forecasts Historical trends… Read more »